so much for reading! i tried to read that stoopid miracle @ philadelphia book today, i didn’t get all! i would read for 2 min, fall asleep, read for 5 min, fall asleep, read a paragraph, fall asleep! i so gave up, now i’m scouring the web for cliff notes! i’ve been sleepin like crazy lately!! i took a 4 hour nap yesterday, slept for about 2 1/2 hours or so trying to read, and then there’s my sleep at night!! i think i’m sleeping more than i’m awake!! yesterday after my nap, i decided to sit on the couch, watch trading spaces, and plan in my head how i was going to redesign my house when i’m older (the one i live in now…once i get it! lol) to make it a 1 family…i also decorated some notebooks, and umm…colored some of my lucky stars…oo! i said i was gonna post the link and never did, i’m gonna hafta find it now..they’re soo kool, i also learned how to make a lil oragami box, that’s wat i’m keepin all the stars in, since i don’t have and colorful paper lying around, i just got out the permanent markers and colored em, some of em i drew lil pics on…i don’t kno wat i’m gonna do with em yet, but they’re really cute.

i’m also workin on plannin my 16th bday party, i have NO idea wat i’m gonna do. i kno i wanna rent a limo (prolly the navigator stretch) and go to NYC and go to a restaurant there, but i don’t kno wat restaurant! i wanted to go to this reallly kool place called serendipity 3, but they only allow reservations for 8 or less, too small for me…so now i hafta figure out wat i’m gonna do. if u have n e ideas, PLEASE post em in my comments! lol

o yah, forgot my updates, i got accepted into the quilting bee! yay! go to the ME section and the link to my quilt is there. if ur a member and wanna trade, the info is there!