well, school started, yesteday actually. it wasn’t too bad, i hafta get up tooooo early. My classes were all good, all good teachers, and i’m with my friends for most of the day! yay! i already had HW my 1st night, but it was just a simple introductory letter to the teacher. Today, pretty uneventful, got some books, put my shelves up in my locker, etc. also, Volleyball started, practice was bad, cuz i’m realllly outta shape from the summer. There were only 6 peeple there, cuz no one got their physicals! I have a feeling our team is gonna b HUGE this year, cuz a ton of freshman, and a ton of sophomores signed up, so really, the JV is gonna b huge..lol…i think that’s about it for today, i’m just watchin the NFL kickoff show on TV, and talkin to sum peeple. a pretty uneventful day! lol. i hafta get to work on this site, it needs some new content, don’t u think?