waah! i don’t like HW! and i’m such a procrastinator! =?o?)?o well, i’ll get it all done…eventually! =?o?)?i jsut got in from volleyball, it REALLY cuts down on HW time! by the time i can start HW, it’s 7:00!! but i *heart* vball, and it’s so much fun!! lol. so…i entered this michelle branch graphic i did in this lil contest on sumone’s site…i’d REALLY appreciate it if u could go over and vote for me! please? lol…u can see the graphic either on the voting site or on my portfolio page. Lets c…did n e thing interesting happen today? mmm…no not really….cept for a little sandwich incident…long and not so interesting story…ya kinda had to b there to get it…so i won’t bother tellin it…wat else? wat else?? i guess…oo! just wanted to say sanks to Nat, Turner, Rosa, and Jenni for bein such great supporters of my site!! ((*huggs*))