no skool today, yet, i’m STILL up at 8:00!! ok, so i got an extra 2 hours of sleep, but still! i wanted to sleep alllllll day! hmm…wat’s new?….umm…i got glasses (bleh) for reading and the puter…derned eye strain! it’s all that time i spend workin on this site over the summer! lol i installed the Sims Unleashed wed. took 2 1/2 HOURS!! i’m still trying to figure out the whole thing…i’ve adopted a dog and 2 cats (yes, cats turner, i needed to keep the rabbits and gophers outta my garden) there’s sooo much new stuff! wat else? umm…game today against emerson i think…oo! i finally got all the details for my bday party, i’m prolly gonna give out the invites on monday….that’s about it i think, julie andrews is supposed to b on regis and kelly this mornin! yay!