FINALLY! a long weekend! i’m sooo tired from skool! i pretty much just had practice today…and now i’m home = o ) i hafta clean my room, cuz my party is tomorrow and peeple will b in my house, and wat else? umm..that’s about it. i’m still deciding wat i’m gonna wear. oo! i got a new penpal today. i haven’t emailed her yet, but my english teacher gave me her email addy, she’s from Italy. hmm…i don’t think there’s n e thing else new…i’ve just been playin the sims online (test play!) it’s really kool, there’s a TON of bugs that they’re still fixin tho, good thing they did a test play! if n e one plays TSO, my name there is Jenn Geniod = o ) well, i htink that’s about it, i’m gonna get bak to the sims (if the server is bak up yet!) ttyl!