well, i found out the details of jingle ball today. it’s gonna b dec 12 @ MSG! =o) =?o?)?my mom said i can go, so far it’s just me and unnuh goin…we’re trying to get a group of peeple tho. if u wanna go (and u live in Bayonne (sorry nat!)) email me! the tickets go on sale nov 1st (THAT”S THIS FRIDAY!!!!), so i need to kno by then! the tickets for zootopia were $150, so i don’t kno wat these are gonna b, i doubt they’ll be any more expensive! i can’t wait! avril lavigne, john mayer, ja rule, justin timberlake, kylie minogue, and more! WOOHOO!!! i just hope i can get the tickets! lol

n e way…after i posted about halloween in my last entry, the replys were about halloween candy…so…here’s my reply to the replies…i HATE candy corn! it is DISGUSTING! it’s flavored wax! bleh! i also hate the 3 muskateers bars and tootsie rolls…i love popcorn balls and dubble bubble. peanut m&ms are always good…and lollipops to eat while ur trick or treating..o yah…and those red and white mints…PLEASE PEOPLE! it’s halloween, not christmas!!

i LOVE airheads and dots…and…bottlecaps..and…anything sour! i dunno wat else.

i kno i’m gonna b a clown for halloween, i’m trying to find sum1 else to get dressed up for skool with me…peeple are too boring..they think they’re too old for halloween…pfft! it’s the 2nd best holiday of the year (xmas is 1st, thanksgiving 3rd..lol)

wat else? wat else? o yah, we beat holy family in vball. the game was less than 40 min long..that’s sad! jeizza had like 13 points STRAIGHT! they couldn’t return the serve! lol!!

well, i think that’s about it for now, shopping tomorrow! woohoo! i get to spend sum of my birthday $$…oo..that just reminded me…i hafta tell my mom we hafta go to the build a bear workshop so i can spend my gift certificates..i wanna make a new bear! =?o?)?(i’m gonna do the polar bear, turner, since it’s winter…hehe)

ttyl! =o)