OMG! Richard Harris (the guy that played Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movie) died!! =?o?(?

big shopping spree yesterday! lol went to aeropostale =?o?)?got sum new jeans and a sweatshirt, and other stuff lol. i went to the build a bear workshop, but my mom wouldn’t let me build one! =?o?(?they’re coming out with a penguin soon! woohoo! it’s soooo cute! maybe i’ll wait and make that…although i alreay have a penguin stuffed animal, they’re just adorable! lol. hmm…wat else? nothin much, i hafta clean my room today, and do an essay (bleh)

we had to change the clocks bak an hour this morning, it’s weird! right now it’s 8:09, but i’ve been up for about an hour already!! i’m gonna b in bed by like 9!! i like changing the clocks back tho, it’s like telling the weather it’s ok to snow now… but the bad part is, when i come home from volleyball at like 6, it’s like midnight out.

well, that’s all for now i think, ttyl!