I HATE TECHNOLOGY! really…i do…well…only when it doesn’t work. last night, at like 6, when i got home from my vball game, i went to turn on my puter (the desktop)…and nothin happened….it’s just…there…so i called dell…and i ended up bein on the phone with them for 5 1/2 hours. meanwhile, i needed to type up a TON of HW for history cuz our notebooks were bein checked today. so i had a good portion of it all done already, but of course since my desktop (which BTW i learned the model’s nickname is superman…pretty kool) is a hunk of plastic with no ability to function right now, i had no way of getting ANYTHING on it…including ALL of the files for this site, a ton of other files like future layouts, other graphics i’ve made, pretty much anything that i didn’t have uploaded to this site, is lost. i’m really pissed too, cuz that’s ALLL my work since the beginning of freshman year, and some of the stuff that i still need to hand in! NOW, dell is sending a service tech with all new parts…a CPU, motherboard, memory, CD and CDRW drive, etc etc..to replace the entire thing. i’m hoping that they won’t hafta reformat the entire thing, if they don’t, there’s still the chance i can get my old files bak. so…n e way, i was up til 3:30-4:00 in the mornin typing all of this HW for today….and then, i couldn’t print cuz i lost the software that goes with my printer, so i couldn’t install it on my laptop. but…everything worked out, i got a 95 on my notebook, bombed the test cuz i was practically sleeping, and i’ll never use n e of the information again! lol

now i’m on my laptop. i just installed the cable modem…my graphics program, notepad, and WS_FTP is all i need! well…that’s enough blabbing for now…no school tomorrow! WOOHOO! i’ll prolly b asleep in 30 min n e way! o yah, 1 last thing…one of my hostees opened her clique clever-girl: the clique go submit ur site for review, it’s an elite clique to she’s very selective!

ok, NOW i’m done blabbing!