lets c if they work….

:?)?is a plain smiley

:O is a shocked smiley

:( is a sad smiley

:?D?is a smiley with a big grin

:P is a smiley with his tongue out

;?)?is a winking smiley

:angry: is an angry smiley

:blush: is a blushing smiley

:confused: is a confused smiley

:?c?o?o?l?:?is a smiliey with sunglasses on

:crazy: is a very crazy smiley face

is a crying smiley/very upset

:doze: is a half asleep smiley/bored

:hehe: is an upside down smiley

:laugh: is a laughing smiley

:plain: looks like an impatient smiley face

:r?o?l?l?e?y?e?s?: is a smiley rolling his eyes

:satisfied: is a satisfied smiley face/happy