i almost lost my blog again! i really hafta stop messing with my cg-bin lol! i added htaccess files by accident and i didn’t kno the password or n e thing to it, so i ended up blocking myself outta my own cgi-bin! then i hadta delete the entire thing and make a new one! i don’t think i lost n e entries…we’ll find out!

n e way, i added a topsites ranking thingy…u can sign up here hope you enjoy it! it took me HOURS to set up last night! other than that, i don’t think there’s anything new, 2 days left in my 5 day weekend =?o?)?i’m still adding content as i can come up with it, i’m trying to stay away from the usual stuff tho…almost every site u go to has the same content, i’m trying to think of something else, but i’m having a creative block lol…i think i’m gonna take some pictures and stuff and stick em up


ok, that’s all for now….enjoy the site!