o no! my 5 day weekend is over!! :( not fun! it was so relaxing!!! i had practice today, it was somewhat fun…we’re getting our sweatshirts this week hopefully! woohoo!

n e way, umm…lets c..o yah, the vball game! tomorrow we’re playin in the state tournament thingy…i think it’s just the playoffs now? i’m not sure, i just know its single elimination, so if we lose, the season is over *sob* i’m excited! i jsut hope my wrist works tomorrow, it wasn’t working today, the muscle is REALLY tight so i’m only setting with one hand really.

wat else did i do today? umm…my we the people people came over, for like an hour, then they left…then…umm…o yah!! i got my puter fixed! dell came in on thurs to fix the parts…then the dude screwed up the windows CD, so i hadta wait for it to come in the mail, which it did, today. now my desktop is in top working order, cept it’s completely EMPTY! no fonts, no brushes (i had over 1000!!) no music, NOTHING! i don’t even have music match on here n e more! =?o?(?i hafta use windows media player *gag* but, at least it cleared the harddrive for me, so i got rid of all those old files i refused to delete..heh…

i also..made a new layout for the boards and umm…got a new link exchange, and umm…o, i made all the AIM icons clickable, so they automatically change ur icon =?o?)?

i think that’s about it! one of my hostees, lara, is settin up her site tonight, so go visit it when she’s done!