hey! what’s up everyone? i’ve had a TON of new peeple visit my site over the past few days, i’m sooo excited! nothign much new besides that, i ordered sum adorable letter paper from morning glory i’m hopin to get sum penpals from other countries…hehe wat else? umm…i signed up for the track team, i don’t THINK i’m gonna do n e running, even tho the coach wants me to, i’d rather do the field part…lol i think that’s it for now…onto the plugs:::

plug </a> plug </a> plug </a> plug </a>[ plug ](http://valerie.at0mic.org/target=_blank) plug </a> plug </a>

that’s everyone that commented in my last blog, thanks u guys!

if u sign my guestmap i’ll also plug u! click on the SIGN link in the menu –> over there! =?o?)?