yay! tomorrow is turkey day! my 3rd fave holiday (xmas and halloween are 1 and 2) lol!!! i’m goin down to my grandparents down the shore. mmm…i can’t wait!!

i didn’t go to skool today, i was all germy and sick this morning. it was only a 1/2 day too, which sucks cuz i wasted a day on a 1/2 day…but o well.

we were supposed to have this big snow storm today and last night, but we got like 1/16 of an inch and it barely stuck to the ground! it sucks! we were SUPPOSED to have 2-4 inches!! =?o?(?i hate living here, at least weatherwise, the huge pollution bubble over us stops all the snow!

i made a few changes to the site, basically i rearranged the navigation. the fun section now has all the games and the web section now has the AIM icons, wallpapers (a new one by the way), banner exchanges, etc. i also added a few new subpages.

shoutouts to my crazy chat buddys jenn, katie, brigette, and…who am i forgetting? o! megan, but i forgot her URL…i’ll hafta get it tonight if we have another chat!

thanks for all the comments in my last blog, that’s the most i’ve ever gotten! here’s the plugs i promised:

* * natalie.forever-digital.net/ target=_blank>* * * * * * * *

thanks again!

[edit] smilies are workin again!!! woohoo! :crazy: *joy* i missed em! and…*drumroll please*


katie and shami’s new awards site!! go nominate urself!!!![/edit]