i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! i did! i can’t wait for leftover! yummm!!

i was workin on a new layout alll mornin, and i have it all ready, but i don’t wanna take this one down yet. i’m still not sure if i like the new one, its a lil….weird, and hard to follow, i think i might keep the concept i was goin for, but rearrange it, A LOT! lol.

my constitution project is due on monday, and my group is no where NEAR ready. we need 3 four min presentations that answer these questions we were given…and so far, we have 1 done, if that! they;re coming over today to work on it again, but we goof off too much and never get n e thing done. i hope the pressure will help us at least get the questions done so on sunday, when turner gets home, all we hafta do is practice giving the presentations. it’s such a stooid project, and we had no where near enough time to do it! it also sucks that i got group 1, unit 1, that means the presentation is monday. some peopel don’t hafta do theirs til wednesday!! that’s not fair! lol

what else is new?? hmm..not much, i still have a cold…it won’t go away! my mom already decorated the entire house in xmas stuff…last night!! as soon as we got bak from my grandmas she went right down to the basement and got out all the decorations!! yep yep, she’s in the holiday spirit!

my lil sis’s bday is a week from today, she’s turnin 3. but i don’t think i’m gonna b able to see her, cuz i have soo much crap to do for school i never have time for n e thing! i haven’t been to my dad’s in like…4-5 months i think! and it really sucks…but i just can’t….it don’t have enough time on the weekends as it is! if i went, there;s no way i could get my homework and studying done, it’s proven impossible. i’ve tried for years. i really wanna go tho, i haven’t seen her in so long, or my other lil sis. as much as i can’t stand them sumtimes, i reallly miss em. o well…enough of that…don’t wanna get all depressed or n e thing…

on a happier note…i’m lookin for sum penpals. i don’t want n e one that lives around me…(i live in NJ) but sum1 from like another country or the other side of the US would b kool. if u wanna b penpals, email me!

wow..that was a long blog! just a few plugs to take care of: brigitte has a new layout….and she plugged me..hehe, today is jenni’s 14th bday, and the commenters: natalie.forever-digital.net/ target=_blank>* * *