lol!!!! ok….what an eventful day!!!! lol!!!!! i’m still laffin @ it!! i’ll start @ the beginning of the day:

#1, i made all-county honorable mention!! yay!! for volleyball, of course! =?o?)?*excitedness* and corinney-poo made 2nd team all-county! then nothin really happened til after skool…ok…here’s the good part:

i brought ysa with me to the spirit committee meeting…she was hungry and all the popcorn was gone, so she waited til mrs A left and then went and popped some more…so she goes over to take it outta the microwave and starts flippin out! she’s jumpin up and down tellin me to go over there cuz she had a problem…a big problem…so we all got up from the table (there were like…10 or so of us there) and the room was FULL of smoke!! lol ysa burnt the popcorn!! so we went into the hall and opened the door and tried to fan the smoke out, but instead, it set off the fire alarm!! mind u, we’re all in the basement by ourselves cuz mrs A went on a errand. we started to flip out…we were doin ANYTHING to get rid of the smell and the smoke! then priyam went upstairs to tell them that it wasn’t really a fire, she said the entire 1st floor reeked of burnt popcorn and everyone had left the building cuz of the alarm! then the janitors came down and opened all the windows…we’re just standin in the hall holding the door open…then the firemen came!! lol..they’re like..ok, who burnt the popcorn!? they checked out the microwave, went and turned off the alarm and left…so we went bak in the room and started to fan out the smoke. we went to the bak table with all the posters on it, and the leaves had blown in and COVERED the table!! meanwhile, ysa and i have had to pee since school ended…and we were just pacing bak and forth….so we went on a rampage and cleaned up EVERYTHING, all the leaves, markers, posters, garbage, everything. the place was spotless! so we just sat around waiting for mrs A and mr A to get bak…it seemed like FOREVER…but when they finally got bak..they were sooo confuzed!! we all jumped up and started to tell em the story. luckily, they weren’t mad…we were sooo scared they would scream @ us or we would get expelled or sumthin!! so we went up and hung the posters …went to the bathroom…finally…and went home!!

so i get home and tell my mom..and she was still in skool when the fire alarm went off…she told me sum1 went over to tell her in SASH that the alarms were goin off in the other building…so she went over to see wat happened. she went over the bridge to the 3rd floor of the main building and was like…who burnt the popcorn! she thought teachers were in the teachers room and burnt it or sumthin….she had no idea it was us…in the basement!!

lol..what a day