yay!! only…*counts* 7 more days til christmas!! woohoo!!

i’ve had such an awesome week so far! this weekend my mom told me that we could host an exchange student!! i’ve been begging her since..last summer!! i had the program and everything picked out, and even the person…then when i emailed the lady back, the girl was placed! =?o?(?but that’s OK, i found sumone else thru another program, EF Foundation i’m REALLY excited! i already started emailing the girl, her name is Helen. She’s from Germany…good thing Conrad tried to teach me German last year in art! lol! n e way…we’re pretty sure we’re gonna b accepted. we had an interview and stuff today and then i think on friday sum1 is coming to the house! YAY! if we get approved, she’ll come in early january!! less than a month from now!!!

other than that…constitution competetion is over…for now at least (i think i said that already tho?) and umm? 3 more skool days til vacation!!!

hmm…shami has a new domain!! yay! her site isn’t completely up yet tho…at least last i checked! i added some new names to the baby names poll thanks for submitting them! i think there’s over 50 on there now!

i’ve been busy working on the BIG roxydoll xmas tree and family feud over @ the roxy doll board.

some people have been submitting questions for me to answer (since there’s no friday fives this month

…) so here they are:

Do you like LOTR? i’ve actually never seen it. i don’t really want to either. i tried to read the hobbit a few years ago…i didn’t like it at all! i don’t think i ever finished it

do you know of any good layouts?? or some websites where is can get free layouts?? no, sorry, i don’t. i make all of my layouts so i don’t really know of any free ones…o wait! i just remembered one! layout land at least i THINK that’s what it’s called? i don’t know if its there n e more, lemme know if that link works!

how do you navigate? see the words ME YOU SITE etc up in the candy canes? click on them, they’ll take you to different sections of the site! =?o?)?

Are you Gay? nope! not at all! =?o?)?

that’s it! i think that’s all thats new? i don’t think n e one has a new layout up…everyone pretty much has xmas layouts lol. i already finished my after xmas layout…i can’t stand having the same layout up for so long, but i don’t wanna make another xmas one.
o yah..i added another subpage the other day: my BIG wishlist this is a collection of things i REALLLY want..lol…but u could always just take a looksie @ my amazon wishlist *hint hint* lol! thanks for coming!

[edit] ok, so i was rong…tons of peeple have new layouts…well…not TONS..a few..lol: jenny @ stellar-star.org, anne @ sugar sparks, and lissy @ silvercpu.com [/edit]