YAY! it’s FINALLY christmas eve! woohoo!! *excitedness*

well, i was up to about 4 last night workin on a new clique with jenny, katie, and jessie! it’s called


go check it out and sign up!

also, i moved to 13th place i think on the pick-me.net topsites! thanks so much for voting! if you vote, lemme a message in my comments and i’ll plug ya!

click here to vote

what else is new? not much, my grandparents are coming up today…they’ll b here til thursday…turner is in florida, umm…o yah! i got a new hostee!


go visit her! i don’t kno if she’s done moving in yet, but as soon as she is, u all better go sign her tagboard or sumthin!! =?o?)?

hmm…i know i’m forgetting something…o well, if i rememeber, i’ll come and add it! lol…don’t forget to vote for me!