i hope everyone had a good xmas! i kno i did!! !

woohoo! I FINALLY GOT TO CHANGE THAT HORRIBLE XMAS LAYOUT!! lol…this isn’t one of my faves…but it’ll do for now! lol, i already have v11 ready, i jsut didn’t wanna put up 2 bright layouts in a row. lol. did a TON of updating today. most of it was internal, so u wouldn’t c any of it. but if u MUST know, i rearranged all of the folders, got rid of old and duplicate files, combined some sections (mainly web and fun) moved some stuff that should’ve been moved months ago. and…that’s about it. lol…it took a while tho! lol. i also checked all of the banner exchanges and stuff to see if there were broken links and crap. i may have missed sum things when i was deleting and uploading and crap, so if u see any broken images, links, whatever, please let me kno! either leave a comment or email me.

what else is new? OO! i’m in

8th place

@ pick-me.net topsites..go vote for me!! lol..the link is < <– right over there. see? thanks to the peeple that voted for me: Senor Swee, Amber, natalie.forever-digital.net/ target=_blank>Nat, Lissy
o yah. and i found these questions in my inbox, i 4got about them…
Are you happy and hyper?
sumthin tells me Katie sent this in…but…right now…i’m too tired to b hyper…so i’m jsut happy! =?o?)?
i’m 16 =?o?)?
what else? what else?? oo! we have 10 members at DIGITAL DIVAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it’s only been open for like…3 days!!
i’ve been takin sum pics of things i got for xmas, i’m plannin on making a page of stuff.

umm…i KNOW i’m forgetting sumthin…wat tho!? o well, that’s y they have the edit option! lol…thanks for visiting and don’t forget to vote!