yes…it’s 1:10 in the mornin…i’m sittin here starin @ the screen…and i realized how many people asked me how many pink boxes there were in this layout…so what do i do? i count them of course! lol…for all of you that are interested there are:


boxes in this layout (not including the bullets on all the subpages!!) and no i didn’t draw them all! i drew…2…lol and then used that luverly patterned flood fill that PSP so generously put in their program! lol.

i went to NY today (well, yesterday now) to go see the tree @ rockefeller center…it wasn’t all that interesting…we took sum pictures..did the usual tourist thing, then went to times square cuz i was DYING to go to the new Hersheys store…was THAT a disappointment!! the store was soooooooooo small and they didn’t have anything good! the store was about the size of my house (not the entire house, just the floor i live normally everything that’s in times square is like…IMMENSE…not the hersheys store!! argh…anyway…so we stopped @ starbucks, got sum cappucino and headed to Katz for dinner…ate a hotdog, a ton of pickles, and latkes (cuz i kno senor swee isn’t gonna save me any of his grandma’s!)

that’s about all for todays a letter from EF Foundation today with all of Helen’s flight info…she’ll b here the 21st!! ahh! i better get started on all the stuff on my to do list!! lol.

i can’t believe tomorrow is new years eve already! can you?? i mean…this year went WAAAY too fast! if i’m not on (which i prolly will be) Happy New Year!! *sings auld lang sine* ok..

tomorrow night, for anyone that has the Sims Online, there’s gonna b a New Years Eve bash!! woohoo! i’m excited! lol

i also added a few new pages today! umm…cam history…and one other one…no..i think those were just updates. lol

i’m also ONE VOTE away from 5th place!! woohoo! go


o..thanks to those of u who voted (and left ur URL!… jenni target=_blank>nat

think thats about it for now! thanks for coming! comments are appreciated! hehe

[edit] oops…forgot these:
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
umm…a lot?
Why don’t u admit that Jenn is Cooler??
like i said…i only speak the truth!! lol…(see cam pic)
where’d you download the tagboard from??
i don’t remember really…i just looked around the web for a tag board..i think i did a search on yahoo or sumthin. its called tagger.