i’m a moron! i just typed up the whole blog and hit the X by accident!! argh…well, this one’s not gonna b long then, cuz i don’t remember what i wrote, but here’s my friday 5:

  1. Do you wear any jewelry? What kind?

watch and necklace that sum1 gave me

  1. How often do you wear it?

every dat

  1. Do you have any piercings? If so, where?

just the usual 1 in each ear, but i don’t wear earrings

  1. Do you have any tattoos? If so, where?


  1. What are your plans for the weekend?

relax, sleep, HW, watch the rest of my friends DVD (i’m up to disc 2 or 3 of season 2) and…sleep

that’s all i can remember that i wrote! lol…oo! now for the usual voting stuff:

please vote for forever-digital @ the pick-me.net topsites!

and thanks to the voters:
natalie.forever-digital.net target=_blank>natalie…well..she’s the only one that left a comment! lol..thanks everyone that voted tho!!

only 17 days til helen comes!