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u rock! =?o?)?

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AHHHHHHH it’s friday!! FINALLY!!!!!! woohooo!! lol and no skool monday! YAY!!! 1st things 1st…friday fives:
1. Where do you currently work?
no where
2. How many other jobs have you had and where?
2 1/2 lol. one summer i worked @ a beach, and in an office (data entry…fun) and then i made a movie for a summer camp (that’s the 1/2 lol)
3. What do you like best about your job?
i don’t have one..lol
4. What do you like least about your job?
that fact that i don’t have one
5. What is your dream job?
hmm, that’s tough. i would love to do a little bit of everything. but realisticly…sumthin in the field of biology or biochemistry or forensics and then a lil webdesign on the side of course! lol

those were a lil better than last weeks. i had 17 comments in my last blog! woohoo! i think that might be a record! lol thanks everyone for commenting! =?o?)?
and thanks to my voters: blondey, swee, natalie.forever-digital.net/ target=_blank>nat (again), tiffsters, swee (again)
i’m STILL in 5th place, but i’m not far from 4th, only 11 votes!! *YAY!!!*

forever-digital boards go sign up and post!! lol! there’s a buncha kool people there, go make sum friends! lol =?o?)?

i can’t believe that helen is gonna b here soooo soon! ahh!! i can’t tell if i nervous, excited, shocked, or what…it’s just…yah, prolly shock lol
nothin much new. i went to see Julius Caesar (ivlivs caesar (pronouned ee-lee-oos kaiser) haha!! that’s was about the only interesting thing about it. the guy that plays wilson on home improvement was julius caesar, so that was pretty kool. we read the play last year in english, and the dialogue from the play was pretty close…but the one thing that killed it all was that the actors were dressed in BUSINESS SUITS!!!! no costumes or anything! the whole time they were in business suits!! and they carried a LANTERN!! no, not one of those lanterns that u put that little material thing in and it burns, one with a halogen bulb or sumthin!!!! now authentic, right? haha! but it was fun overall.
i think that’s about all for now, i hafta do sum updating and that kinda stuff. go vote! and post on the boards! lol