i’m having alphabet troubles as nat puts it. here’s what happened.

my mom said i needed to clean the keyboard. so i did what i usually do and take of all the keys and use the hose on the vaccuum to clean it out. well, stoopid me, i wasn’t payin attention, turned around to see sumthin on the TV, and a vaccuumed up the letter M.

so i take the vaccuum into the basement and go thru the vaccuum bag (GROSS!) and found the key…but it was broken into 3 pieces, and i only found 1!!

so i get on the phone with Dell, and tell em what happened, and the lady started to laugh at me!! she told the whole room what happened, cuz she’s never heard of sum1 vaccuuming up the key…the whole room was laughing

the lady is sending me a new keyboard, but i won’t get it for about a WEEK!! i’m stuck typing the letter M by sticking a pen in the hole that the key used to be in.!

so that’s that story! lol!

good news is, i’m in THIRD PLACE at pick-me.net topsites!! woohoo! and i have a new hostee!!! /kendra, go visit her!!

that’s all for now!

*edit* i added at contact form on the contact page, at the request of my most favo(u)ritest nat!! use that if u wanna email me about n e thing! */edit*

*Edit* look what nat made me! :