hey everyone! i’m finally startin to find sum online time, so i should be getting bak to updating and that kinda thing. i’ve gotten all of ur emails, and i should b goin thru em all soon. i;ve gotten a ton of requests for hosting, so if u applied, don’t think i forgot about u, i just haven’t gotten to go thru all my emails yet. i also have a ton of banner exchanges to put up and that stuff. constitution competetion is on wed. AHH! lol. i can’t wait til its over, but i don’t want it to b over @ the same time, i wanna go to washington DC! lol

what else is new? i didn’t like this week’s friday fives, so i didn’t bother doin em.

hmm…i KNOW i had sumthin else i wanted to say, but i can’t exactly remember it now..o well.

o yah, 1 last thing:

NO MORE GEOMETRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! =?o?)?

it’s over for the year, took our last test today and gave in our textbooks! exam is done! lol

now on to alg. 2 tho

if i come up with n e thing else, i’ll just use that lovely edit button

thanks to everyone that’s still coming to the site even tho it hasn’t been updated in so long! i’ll b bak with a new layout soon!