almost done getting the blog all up to date. i also caught up on all the baby names, site caps, and banner exchanges, so if u sent them in, they’re up. what else? i just looked @ my guestmap…some of the thingies disappeared again! =?o?(?i hate it when that happens! argh. derned thing. what else? umm…i think that’s all i’ve updated for now. oo, my hostees list too. i’ve read thru all of the emails asking for a host…i’ve narrowed it down to a few, but i’m still not sure. lol

also, if ur gonna ask to b hosted, i have a few major peeves. #1…no blog sites #2…must have content #3…good layout.

lol…n e way that’s all for now, i’m still copy and pasting all my old blogs, i lost all the comments, but that’s k i guess?