WOOHOO! guess what everyone, i’ve FINALLY made v12!! lol! took long enuf, didn’t it? it’s not one of the best layouts i’ve done, cuz #1, i’m not on my puter, #2, it’s psp6 not 7, and #3, i’m doin it in a rush so i can get it coded. lol. n e way, i HOPE i can get it up soon, i still need to code it and crud (i only finished it about 2 seconds ago!) but come bak soon! i hope to get it up before the end of the weekend! YAY! lol, even if i hafta stay up til 3 in the mornin! well, i’m gonna get to coding it now, enjoy ur last few hours with this layout! i kno everyone’s gonna miss it! the new one won’t have a flash intro, cuz this puter has a 56k modem AND i don’t have the programs here to do it! i don’t even have an FTP program here, so i hafta d/l that (which should take FOREVER!) lol. well, that’s all for now, i’ll bb soon with more updates on the new layout!