hey! sorry i haven’t blogged in a while, i haven’t had much computer time this week. i don’t really have much to say, thank god it’s saturday tho! lol and…well, yah that’s about it! lol! this week took FOREVER! it was the 1st full week of school in a LONG time! next week we don’t start til like…10:00 so it won’t even b a whole week again! woohoo! lol cept for monday and friday, those are regular days =?o?(?i’ve been trying to catch up with my updating and stuff, i have about 50 baby names to add to the list! also, i’ve gotten a ton of submissions for hosting, but since i don’t get to check my email a lot, by the time i actually read them, the peeple are hosted! i have a new guestmap cuz the one i used to have kept deleting things spontaneously! i lost about 1/2 of the signings, so i got a new, better one! go sign it! there’s also a few new members on the boards go sign up and post! that’s about it for now! thanks for coming! and commenting! =?o?)?adios!