i can’t come up with a good name for this layout, so right now, it’s gonna b called…sponged. but that really doesn’t fit with it. this one is a LOT better than v.12..that one was sooo poorly put together!! lol. nat and i are REALLY busy with our top secret project lately, it may be up in less than a week!! it’s gonna b great! while u wait tho, go sign up @ flava and post away! http://forever-digital.net/flavaboard !!!

lets see, what else is new? it’s boys’ volleyball season!! woohoo! i’m so excited! i’ve been DYING for it to start!! lol i’m there late every day. my all county awards dinner is FINALLY here! on monday! i hafta go shopping to get new clothes! lol

another really major thing is happening tomorrow, but can’t talk about that here! lol too top secret!

omg…i’ve been watchin American Idol every episode, and i just heard that Joshua Gracin might be sent out Iraq!! he can’t! they said he’d b a part of next season if he does go, but still! he could win this season! it’s not gonna b the same competetion next season. and what if something happens? how much more of an American Idol can u get than a MARINE!? i mean jeez! i hope they can make an exception or something!! haha.

there’s like 15 min til Sadaam’s deadline to leave iraq. i can’t believe we’re gonna go to war. i never thought anything like this happened anymore. you read in history about WWI and WWII, and u never think it would happen these days, but surprise, it does! what’s really worrying me lately is that now that i’m older, and in HS, i know people that are over 18, and they could be drafted if they bring it back! it’s scary to think my friends could be going to WAR! anyway…i’ll end on a lighter note…NEW LAYOUT!! yay! lol