19 comments! woohoo! i think that’s a record for me!! thanks everyone that commented! glad u all like the layout! nothing new really. i did sum minor updates. i FINALLY updated my calendar page, it’s not february n e more! and i updated my friends/shoutouts page. i didn’t add anyone new, but i updated some peoples. what else? nothing really. i spent the day shopping and working on that top secret project. shopping was fun. i got a wireless router for my laptop! yay! now i can get online without stupid AOL! and what else? i got sum clothes and that’s about it. wow..this is a REALLY boring blog! lol. i’ll prolly update my banner exchanges, babynames, and…sitecaps. so yah. thats it! thanks for all the comments and thanks for visiting! lets see if i can beat 19 this time!