ok, so i didn’t get my 19 comments =o(

but strange thing is, i got a comment on my old blog!=o( =?o?(?so i guess i really got 12 instead of 11? haha. i’m DEFINITLY gonna get 20 this time! even if it means not blogging for 3 months! lol anyway, nothing much new, went to a boys’ volleyball tournament today, at 7:50 in the MORNING! on a saturday! argh, they lost all the games so it was really boring! then i came home and ate sum lo mein and watched TV, apparently i was sleeping for HOURS, cuz my mom came in and she’s like..jenn, it’s 8:00!! lol. other than that, i don’t think there’s anything new. i’m watchin trading spaces (i haven’t seen it in SOO long) and i’m working on my teamlook-look survey recruitments =o) =?o?)?if you’re interested in making $5 for taking a survey, IM me and i’ll send u the info!! (no i’m not running it, it’s an actual company that actually pays u!) well, that’s about it for now i think, thanks for visiting and uhh..that’s it!