ok! i couldn’t wait for 4 more comments! lol…but THIS time, i’m definitely getting 20!!!

today was a pretty decent day…it’s been snowing like CRAZY! it’s up to about….4 – 5 inches or so!! woohoo!! (this is a pic out my bedroom window!) we did pretty much nothing in history, so that was good, and i found out my alg 2 average…i PASSED!! phew!

but the best news of the day….I GOT ZOOTOPIA TICKETS!! section 6!! which is SOO great! i went last year and had the WORST seats in the world. they went on pre-sale today @ like 10..my mom got me outta class and we ordered em from skool!! i cna’t wait to find out who’s gonna b playing this year!! last year they had…Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, P.Diddy, Marc Anthony, Pink, Mary J Blige, Shakira, Craig David, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette, Nick & Aaron Carter, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Fat Joe and Outkast…

so far i think this year they’re gonna have…BOWLING FOR SOUP AND SIMPLE PLAN!! but they didn’t announce em all officially yet…i can’t wait!! it’s gonna b june 1st!! woohoo!!

i also got a new dresser over the weekend, cuz my old one was soooooo broken it didn’t even open or close! so i go 2 new ones…it took me ALL saturday night to put em together…but tada

ok…let’s try for 20 THIS time!! haha! and i’m REALLY not blogging until i get 20!!

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