woohoo! 30 comments! and it only took 10 days!! LOL!!! n e way, i’m on spring break, there’s nothin much new. i got friends season 3 on DVD (watched the whole thing already) i love friends! i also bought…the CSI computer game, almost finished that (i’ve had a lot of time!) and i got kelly clarkson’s CD. it’s PRETTY good, not great, but it’s decent. i love the song Miss Independent, but the rest of the CD doesn’t sound like that.

hmm..what else is new? flava’s progressing, launch day is still set for may 1st, we’re hoping to buy the domain soon! umm..what else…what else?? jeez, i’m BORING! lol oo! they announced more people for zootopia!! TLC is gonna do their last performance ever there!! it’s gonna b a tribute to left eye. they added someone else this mornin, but i was pretty much asleep when they said it, so i’ll hafta check the website…ooo jewel..pretty good! =?o?)?ok, here’s the list so far then: TLC, Jewel, Ja Rule, Simple Plan, Ashanti, Daniel Bedingfield, Wayne Wonder, Bowling For Soup, Ginuwine, Tanto Metro & Devonte, JC Chasez

i think that’s it for now, i’m not gonna bother going for like…40 comments, that would take WAAY too long, and i can’t stand not blogging! lol i forget everything i want to say! so yah, that’s all for now. go sign up and post @ flava you might just get a sneak peek @ the site before it opens!