woohoo! aren’t u surprised! it’s only been…not even 24 hours since my last blog and i’m back already!! lol! not much to say, just wanted to give jenn massive plugs for giving me an awesome fansign and for bein really cool. so go visit her. she has a new layout too! go tell her how awesome it is!!

the fansign doesn’t fit in this window, so it’ll open in a new one, if u have ur popup blocker on…shut it off dern it!! lol click isn’t it awesome??? see! told ya!

anyway, that’s all for now. it’s really nice out today! FINALLY! a little breezy tho


i just got my zVIP email, they added 2 new people to zootopia! (they didn’t announce them to the public yet!) THIRD EYE BLIND AND MARIAH CAREY! WOOHOO!