WOOHOO!!! i got my 20 comments…not JUST 20, but twenty-ONE!!! woohoo!! *excited* thanks everyone who commented!!

well, obviously, i put up a new layout! this is one of my better layouts i think! it took me ALL day (many of you can vouch for that!) but it was worth it i think!! they started to announce who’s gonna b @ Zootopia…so far: Ja Rule, Simple Plan, Ashanti, Daniel Bedingfield, Wayne Wonder, Bowling For Soup, Ginuwine, Tanto Metro & Devonte, and JC Chasez. YAY!!

lets see…what else did i wanna tell u?? i kept wanting to blog when i thought of something, but i said i wouldn’t blog til i got 20 comments!!!

i think that’s it for now…say hi to Boink and go post @ FLAVA

dare i go for 30 comments this time???