hey everyone! i haven’t blogged in a few days, i’m still trying to get used to getting up early for school again! spring break was entirely too short! i’ve had volleyball and homework and crap after skool. i still haven’t found out about NASA SHARP (i don’t remmeber if i ever blogged about that…it’s a summer program i’m applying for)…i was supposed to find out if i got in today, but the letter wasn’t in the mail! =o(

launch day for flava was supposed to be tomorrow, but we’re having some problems with the domain (i.e. cyberpixels is taking forever sending me the confirmation email with the DNS info!) but for now, we have the domain set up to redirect to the site we have flava on now. nat and i talked it over, we’re just gonna launch it as the “sneak preview and tweaking stage” tomorrow…and hopefully may 15th will be the official grand opening. since the domain isn’t set up and things, the forms and email links we have there won’t work, because we have them set up to direct to the domain (which isn’t up ARGH!! sorry, i’m just annoyed this is tkaing so long) so go check it out when i post the link! just don’t send in any emails or forms cuz…well we won’t get them! lol i really think you’re gonna love it! let us know on the boards what you think of it!

i think that’s about it for now, oo! WAIT! i didn’t tell u that they added…*GASP*…KELLY CLARKSON to zootopia!!!!!!!!!! OMG! i LOVE american idol and i’m so glad she won the 1st one! lol this years zootopia is gonna be SOOOOO much better than last years, there’s actually people i wanna c at this one!! woohoo! oo..and they added britney spears as a guest host..yippee (*sarcasm*) she supposedly has a new haircut…it’s short and BROWN! britney spears, a brunette? i don’t htink so! it just doesn’t go! it worked for mandy moore, but i don’t think britney can carry it off. anyway…lol umm..i think i got everything, right? lol i KNOW there was something else i wanted to post here…but what was it?? o well, i can’t remember. oo! i know! we have 99 members on FLAVA!! woohoo! we’re gonna reach our goal by tomorrow! (100 members by may 1st was our original goal for the boards!) so yah. i’ll come back later and add the link to flava online…so hang around…browse around the site while you wait. you won’t regret it!!