halooo! sorry i haven’t blogged in a while, i haven’t had anything to say! i’m bored out of my mind right now…it’s so nice out, but there’s nothing to do! i don’t want to sit here on the computer when i could be out enjoying the weather…lol i haven’t had much to update lately, i’m gonna work on a new layout, i’m stuck for ideas tho, as usual. i went to see the lizzie mcguire movie over the weekend (don’t ask) it wasn’t all that bad, i would have rather seen what a girl wants tho. hmm..what else? oo i can’t figure out what’s rong with the topsites, so i’m just gonna leave it there, maybe someday while i’m in the mood i’ll try to fix it, or restart the whole thing…everyone would have to resubmit and start @ zero votes again. i think that’s it…i STILL haven’t heard from NASA..it’s killing me! lol nat is bak from HOBY, she said it was awesome, maryan went for our school, she said it was great too, even tho it’s like…a cult or sumthin lol umm…yah, so thats about it..no new zootopia announcements, oo! everyone watch american idol and vote for CLAY AIKEN!! yah, so that’s about it…ttyl