woohoo!! check out the new layout!! go clay!!! lol i made the graphic last night after american idol, and i did the flash intro tonight. what do u think? i really like this one, it’s different from most of my layouts. anyway…i think i’ll leave this one up for a while, since clay rocks! lol nothin much new. 1/2 day tomorrow and then no skool monday for memorial day weekend. 9 days til zootopia…boys’ volleyball season is almost over…they lost in the state tournament today =o( but JV is still goin! woohoo! go JV! lol…and…what else? i had my NASA SHARP orientation yesterday (did i ever blog to say i got accepted?) it was pretty good, i found out where i’ll be working and they gave me an idea of what i’ll be working on…something like “containerless microgravity”…at least that’s what the paper said…now i have tons of forms and things to fill out and mail in. so yah, that’s about it. ooo and for those of u who were wondering about the topsites, they’re permanently down. well..maybe not permanently…but they won’t be up any time soon unless i get REALLY bored…so yah that’s it. one final…GO CLAY !! his single should be out soon! i can’t wait!