back to school, back to school, memorial day weekend is over and i’m back in school = o ( ahh…i wish i didn’t hafta go bak! this weekend was sooo productive! nat and i got a TON done with flava…we have like 11 writers now! we have a ton of new content that we’re gonna add for the official launch on june 1st (which is the same day as zootopia!!!) speaking of zootopia, they haven’t added anyone new, but they did announce who’s gonna b at Trendfest before the concert starts, the ones that i can remember off the top of my head are Lucy Woodward, Lillix, The Donnas, and 3 other people, but i can’t remember. trendfest was sooo awesome last year! and there were only 3 groups performing (seven and the sun, toya or someone like that, and some other hmm..what else? nothing really, considering i’m still in school and haven’t had the chance for anything interesting. i got an essay bak, got a 96 on it! o yah! lol and i wrote it in like 45-50 minutes! got some math tests back, pretty pleased with those too.

turner says hi, he wants something to say “in HTML” but yah..we all know no one talks in HTML so everyone point and laugh…*HAHAHA* yah, ok, can u tell i’m REALLY bored? Squeek wants to say RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-BEN BLEH! lets all point and laugh at that too! ok, periods over! gotta go!