OMG! zootopia was SOO awesome yesterday!! woohoo!! clay was soo great! he only did 1 song, and then 1 with ruben, but that’s ok, he was still great! he was SOOO cute! ruben was ehh. but we all know i don’t like him anyway! lol kelly clarkson was really great! i have tons of pics of her too! (i took 12 of clay! lol!!) who else was good? simple plan!! they were awesome and…daniel beddingfield was pretty good too. TLCs last performance was cool. they had the big screen thingy on the stage with all clips of left-eye and stuff (where did she get the nick name left-eye?) what else? uhh!! OOO! trendfest was pretty kool! i got to meet Lillix they’re a really great band! i never really heard of them til yesterday, now i’m listening to all their songs, they’re awesome! and they actually play instruments, not like these other machine-driven girl groups that just sing and dance. lucy woodward was pretty kool too, play and stacy orrico was pretty decent, i didn’t like them that much tho. it was raining ALL morning, but luckily it was pretty dry for Trendfest (except for a few and then after about 4:30 the rain stopped and didn’t start up again for the entire concert, thank god! lol it would have stunk! i had so much with me in case it rained, a poncho, a water-resistant jacket, 2 shirts, track pants so my ass didn’t get wet when i sat! lol but i didn’t need any of it! the security people made me throw out my mom’s umbrella before they let me in, that wasn’t too kool, but my mom didn’t care who else was tehre that i’m forgetting? aerosmith! they were…ehh..ok. they did some songs from their new album, so no one knew them, but the ones that people did know were great! lol. i used 3 rolls of film! i can’t wait to get them bak (i should get them tomorrow! woohoo!) i’ll post some of them here! oo and i have an announcement: britney spears can’t read! lol she was reading right off of the teleprompter when she was presenting the singers…it was like…”and… now.. every… one.. here comes… one… of… the… greatest… singers… in… New… York…. MARIAH CAREY!!!!!!!!” lol! and she stared @ the screen the entire time reading it, it was so funny! lol oo! randy jackson from american idol was there! woohoo! i wish simon and paula went too but o well! lol and clay!! *drools* he did bridge over troubled waters and God Bless the USA (he did that one with ruben..bleh) they both sounded great! lol *drools some more* so yah, i think that’s about all for zootopia for now, i’ll talk about it more when i get the pics back!

“in other news” FLAVA ONLINE LAUNCHED YESTERDAY! (yes, while i was @ zootopia! lol) go check it out! we have all new articles and tons of stuff! lol we’re working on getting some sponsors and things, so if u know anyone with a cool teen-oriented business or u have a kool DIY site or something, email us (go to the site, and there’s all sorts of contact info there) and we’ll work something out! lol

hmm, i think that’s about it for now…i’m tired of typing! i haven’t had a blog this long in a LOOONNG time ! lol well adios!