HALOO!!! what’s up!?! lol i’m a lil giddy today, i don’t know why! lol i guess cuz we’re almost done with school and that kinda crap! lol my new watch came in today, it’s really kool… it’s from fossil. i REALLY suck at telling time on a regular watch, i’ve always used digital. i’ve gotten the time rong 3 times already, and i’ve only had it for about…55 minutes! lol what else is new? well, NOTHING at all! lol hmm..there hasta be something…well, there’s always the good ole’ standby…go check out FlavaOnline and the board! i’m re-addicted to the sims online! it’s so fun! lol i missed it! i’ve been paying the subscription since like december and i just started playing again now! the testplay really kinda killed when they wiped the game, but it’s really fun now! oo! i don’t htink i mentioned…I PASSED MY DRIVERS TEST! lol i got a 98! woohoo (That means i got 1 rong!) yah so now i hafta do 6 hours of driving school (when i get my permit) which i should do soon, and then i can drive! (with an adult tho

i cleaned my room this weekend…i took all of the papers that we got this year in skool, handouts, worksheets, booklets, everything..and i put it in a pile…guess how tall the pile was….just guess….8 INCHES!! YES…8! that’s 4.57 reems (the packages that u buy computer paper in) look!: isn’t that ridiculous!? look how many dead trees there are now! lol well, yah i can’t come up with anything else to say. so go check out flava! lol i’m gonna try to add some new content to this place soon, it’s getting a lil boring here, don’t ya think? i also need a new layout. i think it’s gonna b another clay layout, but i might throw in some kelly clarkson and lillix =?o?)?