omg..what is this?? is it a new layout??? why i think it is! FINALLY! lol are u impressed?! it’s nothin special, but i found this cute lil bee when i was lookin for some inspiration..and it just..stung me..”oohhh…now THIS would be cute” (pardon the corniness, i can’t help it sometimes!) anyway, what do u think? a lot brighter than the clay layout. i was gonna do ANOTHER clay layout, but i didn’t wanna kill it, maybe the next one? lol started exams today, we had english, it was pretty easy. tomorrow is crafts and designs (what a joke) and US 1 (that should be interesting) anyway, that’s all for now, jsut wanted to get a blog in about the new layout!! tell a friend!! o yah, and arent’ u proud of me?! i remembered to put the TUTORIALS link in this time! (learn) woohoo! enjoy!