woohoo!! 11 comments! i haven’t had that many in a looong time! thanks everyone =?o?)?glad u all like the new layout, i like this one too..it’s soo..cheerful! lol guess what!?! NO MORE EXAMS! YAY! i’m DONE with sophomore year! thank god! lol took my spanish 2 and alg 2 exam today (alg was IMPOSSIBLE!) and i’m DONE! *dances* now i just go in for homeroom on monday-wednesday..and that’s only like..10 min! lol what else is new? we have a new theme on the flava board..check it out! it’s PINEAPPLES! lol very summer-y! my pool is FINALLY fixed! we’re filling it now, it needed a new liner or something..but just in time! lol cuz it’s supposed to be REALLY hot next week. i start @ NASA SHARP next week, final orientation is on friday, then i start @ NJIT on monday..i’m gettin kinda nervous! lol i think that’s all for the new news…right? yah.. lol that’s it! ttyl! thanks for visiting!