WOOOOHOOO! guess what everyone! IT”S SUMMER!! NO RAIN TODAY..AT ALL! i actually got SUNBURN, can u believe it!? i got harry potter on saturday, i’m almost done! i’ll have it done about an hour after i wake up tomorrow, since i’ll actually have some peace to read it! lol it’s supposed to be in the 90s tomorrow, so i think i might read it on raft in the pool. i went to see from justin to kelly on sunday with Trisha the Fisha (don’t ask), it was a pretty cute movie, even tho kelly hadta kiss noodle head…eeh

it was a cute movie, a little annoying, but i got really into it, i wanted to slap this 1 character like every 5 seconds but yah…it was cute. i have about 100 pages left in harry potter (i keep typing putter, stupid fingers) it’s REALLY good, if u didn’t get it yet, u really should, it’s definitely an awesome book, but make sure u read the other 4 first! lol or u wno’t have any idea what’s going on. well, u will, but it won’t be the same!

I got my exam grades back from alg 2 and espanol 2!! I GOT A 96 ON MY SPANISH EXAM!! The only people that scored higher were people that spoke Spanish at home, and even they didn’t get 100s I’m so happy! I have a 100 average for the year, which is like…near impossible! As for my alg 2 exam…i got a 79, not bad considering I was barely expecting to pass! lol that means I finish out the year with an 81 average in alg. Which I’m happy about because when weighted for honors grades, it gives me an 89 which is still good for national honors society! Woohoo, I’m SOO happy I finished

with an average above 79! I did NOT want a 70 anything on my report card! Lol so I’m done with school for the year, I’m not going back in tomorrow or the day after, it’s not worth it. hmm…what else is new? I helped out at my old grammar school tonight, they were having their graduation. it was weird, i jsut finished sophomore year, but 8th grade seems like it was…FOREVER ago! i mean, normally 2 school years does seem pretty far away, 2 years from now, i’ll be graduation HS, but watching all the 8th graders it was funny…i was there once i mean, GOD, they’re only like 13-14 years old! lol i feel..old!

i’m getting my haircut tomorrow night, i STILL haven’t decided on a style…it’s definitely gonna be layers..but what? lol i can’t believe it’s almost friday already! i sent in my application for NASA SHARP in…february..that went REALLY fast! this summer is gonna fly =?o?(?then on monday, i start @ NJIT, daily grind, here I come! lol That’s every day til…the end of the summer Aug 14-17- LTC in south jersey Then that’s it Meanwhile I hafta read all my summer books, get some sleep do a slide show presentation for every chapter in the geometry book, produce a video for the summer camp, make a website for unico, and learn to drive lol should be an interesting summer!

so yah..

i wanted to say thanks for all the comments, they were the 1st really good comments in a long time! lol normally they’re like..hey cool site..as if people don’t even read the blog (i suspect that most people don’t, i mean, who wants to read about MY life lol..it’s not all that interesting now that i look back on past blogs!) but these were…fun to read. thanks again. any way, that’s all for now, i think i’m gonna finish off harry potter before i go to bed, i REALLY wanna get to the end! thanks for visiting and if ur at this point, thanks for reading the whole blog! lol