NEW LAYOUT! that bee one was getting on my nerves! this one is pretty different from my usual layouts…not too many graphics and very…purple! lol hope u like it! i still haven’t come up with a name for it…any ideas?

ok so i’m being a lazy bum and not blogging again! there’s just not a lot to say! its summer vacation, nothing big happens! lol just go to work every day..come home, work on flava…go to sleep and do it again the next day! lol i put up some shelves in my room yesterday (See cam pic) cuz i was bored and i needed some change in my room. looks pretty kool. i think i need to do something else tho, cuz my room is still a MESS!

what else is new? i finally got my PSP to start working again, so i can work on a new layout (as soon as i come up with an idea! i have layout block again) umm…i babysat for like…7 hours last night… wasn’t TOO bad but still! lol

oo yah!! i had my 1st driving school lesson yesterday! omg…it was horrible! for the 1st hour i wasn’t breathing between traffic lights!! or blinking! but then after about an hour i got used to it. i’m good following curves and things, but turning right and left…that’s another story! but the good news is..I DIDN”T HIT ANYONE OR ANYTHING!! go me! lol i didn’t even have a close call! i even made a K turn…impressed, huh? lol yah…so i have another 2 hours to do next saturday, so if u live in any town around me, i suggest u stay off the road…just in case! then i have another 2 hours prolly the saturday after that, and i’m done with driving school! lol i still hafta wait til december or january to get my license/permit, whichever is

any ideas for a new layout? i’m blank right now! oo yah…and what’s with the comments!? lol i only for 4 on my last blog! and it was up forever!! lol come on people!! j/k..u don’t hafta if u don’t want

oo and don’t bother with the guestbook..i hate that thing.