ok, so we’ve established it, i’m a lazy bum! i’m too lazy to blog…well..not just lazy but nothings that’s interesting! lol I got my 1st paycheck! woohoo! i didn’t spend ANY of it yet! (it takes me a while to spend my money…i still have money from my 16th bday and the xmas before it!! lol) but i did some online shopping the other day. i bought Friends Season 4 on DVD. i haven’t watched it yet cuz i haven’t had time, but hopefully i can watch it friday night. i also bought The Sims Superstar. it’s a pretty kool game! lol i have all of the other expansions so it’s nothing really new, but the celebrity edition is pretty kool. what else did i get? oo i bought a new pair of sneakers from finishline.com with a giftcard i had…they came in and i HATED THEM! they were nice looking, but they had all of these weird lumps around the heel, it looked like the sole of the shoe didn’t fit the actual foot part. so those are going back =?o?(?but i got another 2 pairs of shoes from delias.com, i LOVE THEM! One pair is black and one is tan…i’ll try and get a pic but i’m lazy (as i think we’ve established! lol)

now i’m working on my “movie” for that camp. cept this year i won’t be doing a movie which kinda stinks, but the head dude of the camp couldn’t get his hands on a video camera…hence…no video

=?o?(?it got downgraded to a 10 min powerpoint presentation that i have to scan in pics for! they’re not even digital pics! i hafta SCAN them!! lol so far i’ve gotten 49 good pics…it should be interesting =?o?)?

what else?? i haven’t gotten too far on my summer reading =?o?(?laziness again…o well…that’s all for now…thanks for visiting and for gosh sakes…STOP SIGNING THE GUESTBOOK! comments!! i hate the guestbook, it’s just there…for tradition’s sake! lol…comments are better! =?o?)?