ok, so i’ve decided to stop procrastinating..well..at least when it comes to blogging! lol i’ve been meaning to blog for like the past 2-3 days but i just keep putting it off! lol so what’s new: um…well u kno i have my permit..which is TOTALLY AWESOME! lol i love driving..i’m still a little nervous and cautious..but it’s fun! lol umm..oo! my school did the Wizard of Oz as the summer play..it was sooo awesome! i saw it twice! (cuz i’m an ambassador, and we were ushers and stuff…so i got to see it twice for free! good deal!) i wish i could have seen it the 3rd night, but i screwed up the time…g?r?r?! i also got a ride to LTC (leadership training conference) which i’ll b at for 4 days…not next weekend..the week after…yah =?o?)?it should be really fun! my mom got me a sleeping bag cuz it’s like in the woods/cabin type thing, kinda like summer camp…so yah. i can’t wait for that!! lol i only have 2-3 weeks left of work! which is awesome..but sucks at the same time cuz it means summer is coming to an end. i’m sorta ready to go back to school to be with my friends and stuff again, but i’m DREADING english and history honors! argh..there’s sooo much work! and i STILL didn’t do my summer reading! i read like 10 pages of the book today, and since we hafta take notes on it it’s taking me FOREVER! i read 10 pages in the time i would normally read like 80! i could be done with all the books by now! but yah…i hafta get goin on that.

what else? umm?…my grandma is back from texas..we had to bring her home yesterday.

the weather here has been TERRIBLE! it’s like torrential rain EVERY DAY! on friday, i was at work and my mom came to get me like 30 min early cuz there was a storm coming and the route home usually floods….FLOODS ISN”T THE WORD!!! omg…we actually FLOATED in the car!! it was HORRIBLE! there were cars just stalled in the middle of this giant 2 1/2+ feet deep puddle…man…that was the WORST! my mom was FLIPPING out cuz her car is really low to the ground (it’s a convertible) and these huge SUVs couldn’t even make it thru the puddles…but she tried to maneuver into this parking lot that wasn’t flooded but this idiot cut her off and we were stuck in the puddle..so basically she just…floored it! lol but then we got stuck behind this school bus type vehicle..and our luck..there’s a red light…that’s when we started to float..cuz we couldn’t go anywhere! the car was actually up off the ground and floated right on top of a low median!! but yah..we got thru eventually and my mom’s car was SOAKED! the next day she went to get something out of it and the floor was SOAKED! its still really wet, but there’s no way of drying it out! lol and then there was another storm today! but i wasn’t at my usual work place…but it’s supposed to storm ALL week…and i’m gonna be at my normal location…so i have NO idea how we’re gonna arrange that..my luck my mom’s gonna come pick me up in a canoe! lol

hmm..what else?? oo yah!! GUESS WHAT!!

AUGUST 24th is FOREVER-DIGITAL’s 1 year anniversary!! can u believe it’s been around for a YEAR already!?!? my god! that went fast! lol i already have the layout and everything done, but i think i’m gonna wait a week or so before i put it up =?o?)?*cough cough* gifts are welcome! lol

so i think that’s about it…not bad for a quick catch-up blog…i’m getting better at these long blogs! lol thanks for visiting and thanks for not signing my guestbook anymore! (at least i know u read the blog!) commenters are the best! =?o?)?

o yah! and i’m looking for a few hostees, so take a shot! but please look @ my requirements 1st (in the site section under hostees!) i don’t accept blog/anime sites or cliques! just to warn u! lol