well my friends, it has been a great 364 days of forever-digital.net and i’m glad to say….i’ll be around for another 366! the next year of hosting is all paid for…well…at least it’s on my mom’s credit card! lol i still hafta pay her for it. i can’t believe that this site has been up for a year already!

anyway…stuck up a new layout in honor of the occasion, i’m not too proud of it, it came out like crap actually…but it’ll do i guess. i had two versions of this one, but i ended up picking the blue cuz the other just looked like even worse crap! lol

i’m DONE WITH WORK!! woohoo!!! it wasn’t too bad after all, now that i look back at it…i actually did learn some stuff. and i got some useful stuff out of it too that will help me when i go to college, so yah, i guess it was worth it! i also got to meet a buncha new kool people and got to go to cold stone creamery like…5 times! lol

LTC was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! omg! u have no idea! it was the best time of my life! my cabin was the best! (Bzz!! go B!) when i got there…i was like..holy crap…what did i jsut get myself into? all the JCs (junior counselors) were NUTS! i mean…really really crazy..it seemed like they had about 50 cups of coffee each before we got there!! but then after like 2 hours of being there…all 200 campers were JUST LIKE THEM! i have no idea how they did it, but i was up on chairs dancing, screaming like crazy…totally unlike me! it was so awesome! i think i’m gonna apply to be a JC next year. it was so sad leaving! it was only 4 days long, but it felt like we were there for a year! i miss it so much! lol but i made some MORE great friends (right spethal ed and greeal? and nave and all the rest!) anyway…i still wish i was there…i wake up in the morning and its like..oo…i’m home…dern i thought i was still at camp! lol

what else is new? school starts in a week and a few days! i still havent even TOUCHED my summer reading! i’m so screwed its not even funny! i have things to do for school like EVERY day until it starts!

i got my schedule..it’s so screwed up! i have 2 completely different versions! i’m in totally different classes and stuff, so i hafta go get that straighted out.

now that i’ve met so many new peopel and stuff, and seen what its like outside of bayonne, i REALLY can’t wait to leave this town! ever since i got back from LTC i’m like DYING to go to college already! lol. its so great being able to make new friends and stuff like that…i’m also DYING to drive already! i don’t mean with my mom! but like…license drive…on my own! i only have til december (that is, if i pass my test!) but still..it’s horrible! lol almost all of my friends from SHARP are going into senior year and i’m only going into junior, so they get to go to college next year! and they can all drive cuz they’re older and stuff…it stinks! lol i can’t go hang out with them and stuff cuz my mom hasta drive me there!

i was settin up my new layout today…obviously, but i hadn’t actually been here in about a week. and when i do come, i don’t like read my own blogs or anything…so while i was settin up the layout…i happened to glance at my little countdown thingy…can you believe there’s only 45 days til my 17th bday!? i remember blogging about trying to figure out what i was gonna do for my sweet 16! and now i’m gonna be 17! the scary thing is, this time next summer, i’ll be 45 days away from turning 18!! ahh! that’s SO OLD! lol

well, i think that’s about it! i can’t come up with anything else to write! comment of the new layout! oo..and NO GUESTBOOK SIGNING! thanks for visiting!