well, today was my 2nd day of school. i’m already BOMBARDED with work…the 1st day we got ANTOEHR book to read! i didn’t even finish my summer books yet!!! lol it’s a MASSIVELY long and boring book. my classes seem pretty decent so far….we haven’t actually started to learn anything major yet…cuz we still have 1/2 days and getting settled in and books and crap…but they’re OK. precalc is kool cuz i have my fave math teacher (same one i had last year for geom/alg 2) and photography seems like it’ll be fun (but expensive!! i hafta provide all of my own film and i hafta go out and buy a camera this weekend!! AHH!) eng/hist honors is gonna be CRAZY! i’m already SOO loaded with work. but good thing is, i’m not scared of those teachers any more!! lol molecular bio seems like its gonna be awesome!! we got this book..it’s our “supplement readings book” it’s all about DNA and genetics and stuff…majorly awesome and interesting!! spanish 3 honors seems…ehh..it’ll be kool like learning the language and stuff, but the kids in there are complete morons. they’re definitely not honors kids (well..the majority of them…there’s a FEW real honors kids in there) but they’re soo rude and they don’t know how to behave…they’ll be in for a rude awakening when the we start to get work and stuff!! and then there’s computers 1…that should be kool for me cuz i’m a computer geek. it’s basically learning truebasic and programming and stuff like that.

and then there’s volleyball…not a class of course…

O M G…we have this whole new routine for conditioning and stuff…i cannot move a single bone in my body! it’s horrible. sure i’ll pay off in the long-run and blah blah blah, but right now it’s HORRIBLE! and plus i’m the setter, so i do more running and stuff than everyone else. i’m DEAD tired. it’s kinda fun tho cuz i actually get some time on my own this year to work on my setting skills and things and not have to actually set someone.

oo..and today…i FELL DOWN THE STAIRS!! coming out of gym…0 pd, the school day didn’t even start yet!! lol there was a leak in the gym so the stairs were wet and my shoes were wet from walking in a puddle…well i slipped and fell down like…4 stairs…i have a MASSIVE bruise on my arse! lol it’s gross and it makes it hard to sit and move around (that on top of not being able to move anyway from volleyball!) but it’s a good thing i was soo sore this morning, cuz i actually held on to the railing to hobble down the stairs..otherwise i would have whacked my head on the granite-type stone stairs!

so that’s my 1st 2 days of school in a nutshell!! lol nothing else important i don’t think…thanks for visiting and thanks for all the awesome comments! i’m gonna try and get up a new layout…eventually…i hafta find the time to acually MAKE it 1st tho! lol adios!