OMG!! can it be!??! is it true!??! JENN IS BLOGGING!! lol it must be a miracle!! i’ve been crazy busy lately….volleyball and school and homework and volleyball and school and homework…other’s CRAZY! volleyball season is almost over :( it stinks…but we beat holy family today!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!

so what’s new in the life of Jenn?

that’s a good question…i don’t really know waht to say…there’s school…sooo much homework, but i’m doing pretty well. volleyball…it’s ehh…we’re not an amazing team, but we don’t suck either…so i guess it’s good. we’re all really close and stuff tho so it’s awesome. this year…i’m a lot closer to the team that i used to be…last year i hung out with the guys that were in my classes a lot, but this year, i really couldn’t be bothered…its so much more fun having “girls night out” and stuff…lol like last weekend, i went over to Lizz’s house and we painted her room…O M G…it came out SOOO amazing. we did this silouhette on the wall of her passing a volleyball.

oo! i also have a “job” sort of thing! i referee the elementary school volleyball league games on saturdays. it’s fun cuz i used to play in the league when i was in 8th grade (that’s what got me into volleyball in the 1st place) i think i’m getting paid this saturday…can’t wait! lol…i couldn’t care less if i were being paid or not tho, it’s really fun! i get a whistle and everything!! lol woohoo!

what else is there??? umm….well, come to think of it, i haven’t had time for anything else!!! lol….that’s about all thats new! well…i guess that just about ends my blog for the time being, huh?? thanks for sticking around those of u who have visited since my last blog….i promise i’ll catch up with this some day!