It’s about time, isn’t it!? i FINALLY put a new layout up! (only took…3 months?) but hey, at least i got around to it!! i’m kinda proud of this one! i was totally stuck for ideas (what else is new?) and then i figured, well, i prolly won’t have a lot of time to put a new one up any time soon cuz of homework and crap and thing *bing* a lightbulb popped up! lol this is DEFINITELY a lot better than that disgusting anniversary layout…at least this doesn’t look like a rainbow puked! lol

so what do u think??=?o?)?

oo yah! AND I EVEN HAVE A NEW CONTENT PAGE!!! lol my quote collection…its in the ME section! check it out!

and in other news: lol…i went on a mini vacation this weekend (we had a 6 day weekend! wooooohooo! go teachers convention! and veterans day!) so i was bored and stuff, and i just IMed Ysa and she invited me to go up to Cornell and visit! so…next day i was on a bus (6 hours!! AHH!) on my way there…it’s GORGEOUS up there! omg…a lil cold but oh so purty-ous. it got down to about…16 degrees….BRRRR but it wasn’t toooo bad…all i needed was a sweatshirt and a hat and i was all toasty =?o?)?the campus is HUGE but it’s really nice. not like the college campuses u see around here with all modern buildings and ugliness. and the food….its awesome! lol..they have all these cool stations that u make ur own belgian waffles and ice cream and sandwiches and omlettes and all this stuff and then there’s the regular food! mmmm mmm good! chinese food night was the best tho! lo mein!! so yah…i was tehre for a few days…i’m definitely gonna apply there now…i wasn’t sure if i wanted to, but now that i see it, i’d definitely like it there.

i went to one of Ysa’s bio lectures too…it was kinda scary that i understood everything he was talkin about…it was all about the vertebrae kidney which we did in Bio honors freshman year…boring stuff but hey, i understood it! i’m glad i didn’t hafta go to a calculus lecture or anything tho…that would have been TORTURE!

i’ll upload some of the pics of the campus i took, prolly for my next that may be!

and…what else? what else?? volleyball season is officially over

oh so sad…now i hafta get goin to the gym or somethin tho,cuz i wanna stay in shape. lol

lizz is in disney!! no fair! she was in nice warm weather and i was practically in the north pole!! o well, she said hi to mickey for me, so that’s all that matters! and she got a pic of goofy!

dum di dum…i KNOW i’m forgetting something….o well, i’ll come back and blog later, i’m procrastinating my homework again lol =?o?)?comments people! comments! thanks for visiting!