guess where i went today!?! THE NYC CHOCOLATE SHOW!! yep yep!!! lizz, ribbit, chubby and i went…so much fun! i’ll upload pics later….

the chocolate was SOOOO goood…omg…lol. and i met jacques torres (the chocolate guy on foodTV!) and i got his autograph! he’s soo kool u should see the stuff he makes! we also watched this little presentation and this dude made desserts…i was drooling the entire time! (ok…not really DROOLING, but my mouth was wide open!! lol)

we also got characatures (sp?) done in times square…mine is TERRIBLE!! lol…it looks like i’m about 40+ years old! sooo not flattering, but the rest is kool, i’m in a lab coat in a chemistry lab and there’s all chemicals and a bunsen burner behind me.

what else is new?? i’m applying for governors school so cross ur fingers that i get in…umm…what else? god, i’m boring, aren’t i!?!?

so yah…i know there’s somethin else i wanted to blog..but i don’t remember…comments appreciated!! pics coming soon!

*edit* here are the cornell pics finally…they’re basically just of the campus and stuff…quite purty! cornell pics